We’re Pregnant! Our Fertility Secret That Worked

We’re Pregnant! Our Fertility Secret That Worked

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Okay, my fertility trick not quite a secret. But rather a tip that worked for us! Yes, I am thrilled to say that we’re pregnant and expecting our first child. Lockie and I couldn’t be happier.

We decided in the Spring of 2019 that we wanted to start trying for a baby that Fall. We got engaged in July 2019 and then it was go time. Boy, were we naive. So blissfully unaware of the struggle of getting pregnant. I was convinced it would be as easy as pie. I even tried to plan my conception date to align with what I thought was the perfect birthday month (April!).


Turns out, getting pregnant is hard. We struggled for months. We honestly were shocked that we couldn’t hit the target. I tracked my ovulation using the Flo app and we would try during my ovulation window. We didn’t really seek help until we were frustrated after about 6 months in. We booked a consultation at renowned fertility clinic, CCRM. During the expensive appointment they basically told us they didn’t think anything was wrong with our reproductive parts.

So we decided to take our ovulation calculating to the next level and keep trying naturally. Yes, CCRM offered various tests we could do to try to understand why we weren’t conceiving. But just hearing that nothing was obviously wrong gave us just the little bit of courage we needed.

What worked for us

We finally tried ovulation strips and sticks. I bought a pack of Pregmate strips and an ovulation stick. I tried the strips first, since I liked the idea of throwing the strips away after each use instead of reusing the stick. It was a total game changer. I finally realized that my ovulation cycle was all over the place. My ovulation was so irregular that it was no wonder we weren’t successful. It was something an app could not predict. The sticks helped us know exactly when I was ovulating and thus, we had a much more precise target.

And it worked. My 2nd month using the sticks it happened. Yes, it was annoying to pee on a stick the same time everyday, but it freaking WORKED! If I had to give advice to anyone who is going to start trying to get pregnant, I would tell them to order these Pregmate strips right away and get busy!!

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