6 Things To Do in Grand Lake, Colorado

6 Things To Do in Grand Lake, Colorado

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Yee-haw! The town of Grand Lake, Colorado is surely one of the cutest cowboy towns in the Rockies. Here’s 6 things to do in Grand Lake, Colorado! My fiance and I recently spent a nature-filled weekend in Grand Lake. Oh man, did we need that. It was so nice to get out of the house for a couple days. We also treated it as our unofficial celebration of signing our marital prenup. (That’s a whole other story.)

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Grand Lake is about a 2 hour drive from Denver, if you don’t drive at peak times. We drove up on a Friday morning and had no issues getting to town before lunch time. Here’s 6 things to do in Grand Lake and feel like a true local. A good time for both couples or families.

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  1. Rent a boat! You’re gonna want to get out on the water when you stay in Grand Lake. There is a small beach shore but trust me, the water will be calling your name! There are 2 marinas next to each other with lots of boat rental options including pontoons, fishing boats and more. They are Grand Lake Marina and Headwaters Marina. Honestly, we liked Headwaters better because it seemed to be less known and for this reason was easier to get rentals at. Even better, free easy parking right next to both marinas. (The town is tiny! You can basically walk everywhere.)
  2. Grab lunch at classic local spot Miyauchi’s. It’s right at the marina and beach shore area so easy to access. Don’t be fooled by the long line- it’s worth it!
  3. Treat yourself to some refreshing homestyle ice cream at Grand Lake Chocolates. According to my local friend Allie, there are 14 ice cream shops in this tiny town. It’s a big deal. This shop is in the center of town is a tall brown building that says “20+ Flavors” on it. This is the spot! Be sure to try the “Death by Chocolate” flavor that includes chocolate brownie and fudge.
  4. Rent a kayak or paddle boat! Now that you’ve seen the gorgeous lake from a boat its time to get some exercise after all that ice cream. You can rent a kayak from both marinas or a paddle boat from Headwaters. This gives you the opportunity to stay close to the shoreline to explore the lake in ways that you can’t from a boat. There are some restricted areas for boat where kayakers can go.
  5. Enjoy breakfast at Blue Water Bakery. Yum. This tiny bakery in the middle of town is unassuming on the inside and with a long line outside. It’s worth the wait, to grab a homemade pastry or some classic eggs benedict. The eggs benedict was anything but classic- it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.
  6. Go for a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park! There are plenty of hike options around and even a few that you can access right from town. One of the easier and more popular hikes is the Adams Falls hike. It’s about 0.7 miles roundtrip and you get to hike up to a long flowing waterfall. If you want to go farther there are 5 and 7 mile hike options from there as well. You park at the East Inlet Trailhead– your GPS will be able to find it easily.

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