How I told my partner we’re pregnant

How I told my partner we’re pregnant

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And he had the BEST reaction! Lockie and I have been trying to get pregnant since late Summer 2019. For those who have ever tried to get pregnant, you know all too well the excitement and disappointment that comes with taking a pregnancy test each month. Here’s how I told my partner we’re pregnant.

In mid-March 2020 we were scheduled to go to Australia to see Lockie’s family. We were anticipating a trip filled with seeing Lockie’s friends and family. But something big happened that week- a global pandemic. The day before our flight was to leave was the very day that Covid-19 was officially declared a pandemic. After a long debate we decided not to go on our trip, and it turns out, that was the right call.

The silver lining (!) is that we got pregnant the next week. A true covid baby that was conceived the week after the pandemic started. When I took the pregnancy test a couple weeks later, I was alone at home. I didn’t tell Lockie I was going to take the test. Normally we go through the process together, but this time, I decided to do it alone. I was utterly SHOCKED when the test came back positive. My body went numb and I was so startled that I didn’t know what to do next. I had an immediate feeling that our lives had changed forever.

The Plan

I decided not to call Lockie right away and tell him the happy news. He wasn’t home and I wanted to tell him in person. I decided to keep the secret to myself for a bit and simmer in the lovely secret me and my unborn baby had. That also gave me time to plan how I would surprise Lockie with the news. I decided I wanted to film him opening something that revealed the positive pregnancy test so I found a small unopened Target package that had arrived for him…perfect!

I cut a small slit in the bottom of the cardboard box and slid the pregnancy test in. From the top, the package looked sealed. I decided to setup my phone on the kitchen counter and have it recording video when Lockie got home. My plan was to lure him into the kitchen and have him open the package to see what’s arrived. The plan worked…for the most part. I captured his reaction on video but right after that the phone fell over due to Lockie’s jumping!!

His reaction was priceless. He was immediately leaping for joy AND crying tears of happiness. Check it out.

As expected, the night was filled with giddy giggles and excitement. Lockie couldn’t help but sing and dance throughout the house. One of this favorite things to do.

We ended the night with a sparkling grape juice cheers. This was only the beginning!

What did you think of my surprise for Lockie? What would you do differently? Leave a comment below!

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