Testing the NAPFLAT Toddler Airplane Bed- Review!

Testing the NAPFLAT Toddler Airplane Bed- Review!

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Of course, I had to try the Napflat! After my Flyaway Kids Bed inflatable bed video went viral on TikTok and Instagram, testing the Napflat toddler airplane bed was a natural next step. The Napflat is a cloth seat extender used to make your kiddo more comfy on plane rides. It functions like a hammock, attached to the tray table on one side and the seatbelt on the other side. You can purchase Napflat only on Etsy.

You can check out my full review in the Instagram video, below!

As you can see- there are some wonderful pros and cons to the Napflat bed.

Napflat Pros

  • Budget friendly (Napflat is $65, as opposed to $159 for Flyaway Bed)
  • Compact. The Napflat folds up very small for easy lightweight packing in your carry-on.
  • Great for short flights
  • Quick and easy setup. Setup time is not noisy or time consuming. (Be sure to install after takeoff!)
  • Keeps the aisle clear. This is better for safety purposes, your flight attendant will thank you!
  • You can safely use the seat belt while using the Napflat

Napflat Cons

  • Not ideal for long haul flights where you need your toddler to sleep for a long period of time
  • Not as sturdy as the Flyaway Kids Bed
  • Needs weight to hold the Napflat in place
  • Cannot be used in a bulkhead seat, only in seats with a tray table in front

What airlines allow the Napflat?

Per the Napflat Etsy page: “The ability to use this product remains at the discretion of the cabin crew of any flight, however in my trials to varied destinations on different airlines, no napflat was refused.”

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Overall, I think the Napflat is a great option for kids on planes!

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