Testing Flyaway Kids Bed Airplane Bed for Toddlers- Review!

Testing Flyaway Kids Bed Airplane Bed for Toddlers- Review!

testing flyaway kids bed review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Flyaway Kids Bed! Have YOU heard of the Flyaway Kids Bed? Most people that I know have not heard of it. That’s why I’m reviewing the Flyaway Kids Bed, a cozy inflatable travel bed for your toddler that fits over the airplane seat. Lockie and I braved a 30-hour-trip with 4 flights from Denver to Australia to visit his family. He hasn’t seen his family in 3 years and they have never met our 1-year-old boy, Lennox. We made the trip as soon as we could based on travel restrictions during Covid. We wanted a comfortable way to travel, so we tested the Flyaway Kids Bed on our 15-hour-flight from LAX to Sydney.

See the video below! And read on below for more details.

Highly recommend!

SPOILER! I highly recommend the Flyaway Kids Bed. (Not sponsored!) If you travel a lot, it’s worth the $159 + $20 shipping investment. It’s a lot, yes. But worth it for the comfort.

As you saw in the Reel video above, Lennox slept about half of the 15-hour-flight. When he wasn’t sleeping he was happily playing on his bed. If I’m being 100% honest he was mostly playing with the TV screen while on his bed, but hey, he was happy so I’m gonna call this a success! And it worked for us! Lennox having his own seat and his own space allowed Lockie and I to get some sleep and enjoy the flight as much as possible.

A seatbelt can easily be worn over the sides of the bed, whether your child is sleeping or sitting up. Lennox isn’t wearing a seatbelt in my TikTok video because we forgot to put it on and after he was asleep we didn’t want to wake him!)

It will be interesting to see how Lennox does with the bed on our flights home from Australia. I have a hunch that as he gets more comfortable with it, he will sleep longer. Crossing fingers for 10 hours on the way home!

What comes in the box?

The Flyaway Kids Bed comes with a handy, light black travel bag and a small plastic hand pump to inflate the bed on the plane. It takes less than 5 minutes to inflate the bed. The bed, bag and pump are very lightweight and compact and we were able to stow it in Lockie’s backpack. The bed itself is made of a thick material that felt sturdy to the touch.

australia baby travel

Check airline before you fly

Before you fly with the Flyaway Kids Bed, check their website to be sure your airline allows the bed onboard. The inflatable bed is accepted on over 50+ airlines, so there’s a good chance you’ll be fine. We flew Delta to Australia and we didn’t get any questions about the bed from anyone. No one seemed to notice.

Got a question about the Flyaway Kids Bed review? Hit me up in the comments. I always try to respond within 24 hours.

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