Here’s what we learned after flying with our 5-month-old baby

Here’s what we learned after flying with our 5-month-old baby

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Sharing my best baby airplane travel tips!

We recently took 5-month-old Lennox on his first flight. We flew 2 hours from Denver to Seattle with him as a lap infant. And I would do it again! After having this flight under our belt we feel A MILLION TIMES more prepared and well-versed in baby travel logistics. The good news is that it’s not hard, it just takes preparation and organization.

plane travel tips 5 month baby

Here’s what we learned after flying with baby Lennox for the first time

  1. Bring a lot of milk on the plane. I’m not sure if he was dehydrated or just extra hungry during the flight but Lennox drank more than normal. You’ll also want extra milk on hand so you can feed during takeoff and landing to relieve/ distract from ear pressure.
  2. Be prepared for unsolicited advice. And to make a lot of friends. We had strangers on the plane offer advice to us during the flight. I mostly smiled and nodded politely. On the flip side, we also made a ton of friends with strangers and nearby passengers. There’s really no way around it!
  3. Think about how your baby will nap on the plane. We struggled here. Lennox is not used to falling asleep in our arms so we had a hard time getting him to nap. We ended up having him lay on the tray table with a blanket under him.
  4. Be prepared for helpful AND unhelpful flight attendants. The first flight attendant we encountered was rude and unhelpful. She wouldn’t let us board early and wouldn’t explain why we couldn’t bring our tiny stroller on the plane. However, the next flight attendant we encountered was over the top helpful! He offered to stow our belongings on the back on the plane, he offered us extra refreshments and checked on us often.
  5. Pumping on the plane is a breeze. I brought a pumping cover up and had an easy time pumping in my window seat. No one seemed to mind and I felt comfortable cleaning my pump in my seat after I was done pumping.
  6. Some people will be confused about the gender of your baby. This really took me for surprise. It could have been the gender neutral clothing but I was surprised how many people did not know that Lennox was a boy! Not a big deal to me, but I mention only for the shock factor.
  7. You will love your travel stroller more than your everyday stroller. We are SO happy with our travel stroller purchase! I did a TON of research before the trip and landed on the Mountain Buggy “Nano” travel stroller. ($220) We chose it because it works with any car seat (no adapter needed), fits in the overhead bin, the seat fully adjusts so baby can nap in it and is affordably priced. We were super impressed with the stroller and how lightweight yet sturdy it is. It is easy to push with one hand which is a game changer during travel. We will likely end up using it more than our Mockingbird stroller!
  8. We didn’t end up using our bottle liners. I found out about bottle liners and thought they were a great idea! Then I found out that you have to use one brand of bottles which we didn’t have. And that you still need to wash the nipple. So saving on just bottle washing wasn’t that major of a revelation to me. Instead, I got crafty and started lining my big plastic Avent bottles with breast milk storage bags.
  9. Learn to love your travel crib. After much research I bought Guava’s Lotus Travel Crib ($250) because it packs up tiny and can be worn as a backpack. Lennox had no issue sleeping and falling asleep! I like that the mattress is on the ground so he can use it for a long time as he grows in weight. I also like the side zipper for easy access to the baby for feeding and diaper changing. Bonus, the crib comes with a sun shade which we also used to block out the light during his naps. (Friends of mine use the Slumberpod to give baby blackness during naps but I think this shade works just as well?!)
  10. A car seat bag is 100% necessary! Yeah, it’s kinda dumb. But I do recommend forking over the $100 for the Chicco car seat bag that has wheels AND backpack straps if you are going to bring your car seat. We used both strap and wheel options during our trip. We couldn’t find another bag that had both backpack straps AND wheels.
  11. A formula dispenser is actually helpful. I bought a formula dispenser for $4 on Amazon and at first I thought “this is totally unnecessary” but it was actually great. You pre-measure 3 servings of formula into the container so that it’s easy to mix with filtered water when you are on the go. I highly recommend! (I feed Lennox breast milk during the day and 1 bottle of formula before bed.)
chicco car seat bag review

Above is the Chicco car seat bag that we use. We do have a Chicco car seat but I’m sure it will work with other car seats. Tip: I stuffed all Lennox’s diapers in here on the car seat!

mountain buggy nano travel stroller review

Here is what the Mountain Buggy “Nano” travel stroller looks like. Pictured is Lennox is reclined all the way and he had no issue napping in here.


This realization is not related to air travel but it’s worth sharing for parents who may take their baby around water. I found out the hard way that disposable swim diapers DO NOT hold any pee at all. (Ahem, Pampers) They are only meant to catch poo. So don’t put your baby down for a nap in a swim diaper because they will wake up drenched in their own pee. (Poor thing!)

Got a question? Just leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to hit you back with a response.

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2 Replies to “Here’s what we learned after flying with our 5-month-old baby”

  1. Hi Bridget,
    I’m so glad you found this article helpful! As far as taking Covid precautions there isn’t much to do except taking the expected steps. Make sure you and your family are wearing masks (not the baby obviously), using hand sanitizer often, sanitizing surfaces before you let the baby touch them (like the fold out tray on the plane) and staying 6 feet away from others when possible.

    You should find some comfort (if you are breastfeeding) that breast milk will get the baby some antibodies if you have been vaccinated or boosted recently! I think that Lennox stayed safe because I got vaccinated while pumping breast milk for him.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Hello! Thanks for the helpful tips! We are hoping to travel with a 3 month old to the Caribbean in a few months. We have never traveled with an infant. What precautions did you take for your baby and Covid on the flight and in the airport?

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