Our living room reveal photos

Our living room reveal photos

living room decor reveal

Annnnd we’re back at it!

I know I’ve been posting a lot lately about pregnancy and baby stuff. As expected, that’s completely taken over our lives for the past year. However, I’m still working on decorating our home and I’ll probably never be “done”. I recently had the opportunity to take some photos of our finished farmhouse living room decor so I wanted to share that with you here. Of course, if something inspires you, I’ve linked to the pieces below so you know where they are from.

gray moroccan trellis rug

The living room took me SO long to design. Our living room (like many) is connected to our kitchen. It functions as the center meeting spot of our home and we spend the most time in this room. All that said, it was important to me to focus on a functional design that complements the kitchen decor and also reflects our style- a little farmhouse and a little boho.

west elm harris sectional

The one requirement from my other half was that we incorporate the largest TV possible (ugh) so I made sure to incorporate black accents into the room. This helped the TV not stand out too much being the black hole that it is.

farmhouse living room decor

Mix & Match

Our living room pieces are a mixture of splurge and save. I love investing in good pieces of furniture for things that I know we’ll have for years to come and get a ton of use out of such as our sectional couch and leather armchair. Then I mix that with more affordable pieces that I’ll want to swap out at some point or that don’t need to last forever. There are definitely some home decor pieces that will still look good even when they are not the highest quality. It’s all about mixing and matching.

farmhouse boho living room decor
west elm axel armchair

Have a question about something you see or something you like? Just ask down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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