How To Make Spinach Last Longer

How To Make Spinach Last Longer

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I don’t normally post about food hacks but since it’s the New Year I thought this was timely! I’m sharing below how to make your spinach last up to 3 times LONGER. There’s nothing worse than wasting food, so I’m all about making food last as long as possible.

I learned this hack from my twin sister, Jenna, who swears by this! Watch the video below to see my spinach trick or keep scrolling to read more!

To prevent your spinach from spoiling and going bad, simply add a paper towel on the top and the bottom of your spinach box. If you’re using a bag, then line a paper towel on either side of the bag. Easy!

This soaks up the condensation so that the moisture goes into the paper towel, instead of your spinach.

make spinach last longer

Now that you know this easy spinach hack- go get your salad on! Do you have a go-to spinach salad? Lately I find myself making a grain bowl salad with spinach, quinoa, roasted sweet potato, roasted green beans, avocado and ground chicken.

Would YOU try this hack?!

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