Couch Makeover Hack! Evercare Fabric Shaver Review

Couch Makeover Hack! Evercare Fabric Shaver Review

Couch makeover

Does your living room couch have pill balls all over it? Mine did! I found an incredible product that will give your couch a much needed makeover on a budget- it’s the Evercare Fabric Shaver. Here’s my full review.

This is my first product obsession of 2022! My friend Allison introduced me to the Evercare Fabric Shaver when I visited her gorgeous home in San Francisco. She showed me firsthand how great the product worked to remove pilling on her RH couch. Fast. Easy. Her couch looked good as new after she was done. And it only took a few minutes.

I ordered an Evercare Fabric Shaver immediately and tried it on my fabric couch from West Elm. Check out my Reel video below!

I hope you can tell from the video just how great this product works. The Evercare Fabric Shaver is electric and uses 2 batteries to gently remove pilling. I was nervous at first, putting something battery operated on my West Elm couch. But I’m so glad I tried it!

Screen Shot 2022 01 28 at 2.57.58 PM
Screen Shot 2022 01 28 at 3.02.17 PM

The best part? Evercare Fabric Shaver is under $13 for the large or small version on Amazon! I have the small version, which priced around $10.99 and it works great.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Would you try the Evercare Fabric Shaver?

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