I’ve gone viral! Testing Flyaway Kids Bed Video

I’ve gone viral! Testing Flyaway Kids Bed Video

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This is wild. A couple days after posting my video review of the inflatable Flyaway Kids Bed on our way to Australia, I’VE GONE VIRAL! I posted my video where I test Flyaway Kids Bed first on Instagram and then on TikTok. Within days it had blown up on TikTok and my friends told me they saw it on their FYP. My family said that other people were sharing the video with them. At that point it was at about 3 million views. Holy crap.


Highly recommend! Comes with a hand pump to inflate on the plane. ✈️ Worth the investment! #fyp #momhack #babyhacks #babytravel #reviews #kidstravel

♬ Cold Heart – PNAU Remix – Elton John & Dua Lipa

And then it kept going! By the third day, it had racked up over 10 million views on TikTok. I thought…wow I guess TikTok is now my thing! But not so fast. As TikTok kept climbing Instagram was just getting started. Around the 4th day my same video on Instagram started getting traction. It was MUCH slower to grow in views but it eventually caught up to TikTok.

Right now, a week later, my Flyaway Kids Bed video on TikTok has amassed over 15 million views and on Instagram over 10 million views. Just incredible.

Of course, that many views come a lot of scrutiny. I understand different opinions and I also understand why some may be skeptical about this Flyaway Kids Bed. If you have questions, I encourage you to read the caption on my Instagram post where I explain a lot of the misconceptions. I also made a Q&A video answering questions about the bed. For more, you can also check out their website at FlyawayDesigns.com.

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The video got so much attention on social that news outlets started covering the story. Daily Mail Australia first reached out to me to get permission to use my video in a news article. Then, various smaller outlets syndicated the story to their sites.

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If you’re one of my new followers, HELLO! I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you enjoy my past and future content. If you’re one of my longtime followers, then I’d like to say THANK YOU for coming along on this right with me.

Guess what? Flyaway Designs gave me a discount code to share with you! Use “MISTY” for $10 off your purchase on their site. This travel bed makes an amazing GIFT!

I’m excited about this new era! I’m more excited than ever to create wonderful, meaningful content for you to make life a bit easier. I hope you’re inspired by my hacks and tips.

Thanks for being here!

If you want to learn more about the Flyaway Kids Bed, check out my full blog post here.

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