Packing List for International Travel with Toddlers

Packing List for International Travel with Toddlers

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We’ve done it. We have now taken our 1-year-old toddler boy, Lennox, on an international trip. We took little Lennox from Denver, CO to Australia to finally meet Lockie’s family. (Thanks, Covid.) Prior to this trip, we took Lennox on a handful of domestic trips flying from Denver to Los Angeles, Seattle and to San Francisco. So I feel adequately prepared to share my ultimate packing list for international travel with toddlers.

A few notes before we jump in…

A few notes before I dive into the packing list for international travel with toddlers. Keep in mind this is what I pack for Lennox on flight trips, not road trips.

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I am not going to include quantity because this really depends on how long your trip is. But I will include helpful guidelines in some instances. I will also include links to some of the products I love and use for our trips.

And, yes, you will notice the list is long. Yes indeed. I usually pack Lennox his own suitcase. For short trips, sometimes he shares a large suitcase with my husband. (Mom always needs her own suitcase!)

Packing List for International Travel with Toddlers

  • Paper
    • Passport
    • Allergy information
    • Copy of passport
  • Gear
    • Travel stroller + carrying bag that it comes with
    • Portable travel crib + carrying backpack that it comes with
      • Crib sheet
    • Car seat + travel bag I purchased separately
    • Baby carrier (optional)
    • Diaper bag (I use this as the toddler carry-on on the plane)
    • Portable sound machine (or just your regular sound machine if it’s small)
    • Baby video monitor (optional)
    • Adapters for the country you are going to. Trust me, you will need these immediately upon landing! We use these for Lennox’s sound machine, Owlet sock, monitor and more.
    • Painters tape. This comes in handy to baby proof and cover electrical outlets, tie up blind cords and so much more.
    • Baby shampoo/ bath wash and baby lotion
  • Clothing
    • Note: I try to pack neutral clothing in similar colors so that I can mix and match all Lennox’s clothes
    • Sleep suit or sleep sack
    • Hair brush or comb
    • Nail clippers and nail file
    • Shoes and sandals
    • Socks
    • Pajamas
    • T-shirts
    • Pants and shorts
    • Sweatshirt/ jacket
    • Puffy jacket and pants if going to cold temps
    • Hat
    • Bandana bib if needed
    • Swim
  • Feeding
    • Shelf-stable milk boxes (to use for the travel time. I suggest buying milk for the trip when you land.)
      • Powder or liquid formula for an emergency (don’t forget the scooper!)
      • Powder formula dispenser
    • Bottles, nipples, lids for milk (I like to bring 4 bottles)
    • Travel drying rack
    • Bottle cleaning brush + soap
    • Sippy cup if needed
    • Snack cup if needed
    • Food for the trip to the airport/ on the plane (You’ll buy fresh food when you land.)
      • I like to bring pouches (make sure less than 3.4 ounces or 100mill each), crackers, and some plan pasta or bread.)
    • 1 Bib
    • 1 Suction plate/ bowl
    • Travel spoon and fork
    • If you are still breastfeeding or pumping
      • Pump
      • Pump bag
      • Breastfeeding supplies as needed
      • Travel cooler to store fresh milk
      • Milk storage bags + pen for labeling
  • Diapering
    • Diapers (Bring enough for first few days, then buy at your destination. I allot 10 per day to be safe.)
    • Night diapers (if you use them, we don’t)
    • Wipes
      • Baby wipes for diapering
      • Sanitizing wipes for cleaning surfaces
    • Diaper cream
    • Baby lotion or ointment if needed
    • Burp or spit-up cloths
    • Disposable changing pads
    • Baby toothbrush + toothpaste
  • Toys
    • Note: don’t go overboard here. Bring about 2 handfuls of toys. Kiddo will find things to play with while you travel!
    • Pacifiers or teethers if needed
    • Small cardboard books. Don’t forget the bedtime books if you have a specific routine.
    • Small plush toys, blocks, or connecting toys
    • Try some new toys that might hold their attention for a long time.
    • Thin/ small blanket. Can be used as a play mat, sun shade or in cold situations like on the plane
    • Cartoons downloaded on your phone for an emergency situation
  • Safety
    • Small travel first aid kit (I pack this in the diaper bag)
    • Tylenol for Babies
    • Digital thermometer
    • Small bulb syringe
    • Saline
    • Baby Sunscreen
    • Owlet heart monitor sock (if you have one)

Honestly, this looks worse than it is. I tried to be very detailed and thorough but the reality is that you won’t need half of these things. It really depends on where you are going and for how long. So my intention is that you adapt this list as needed.

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I’m going to make a separate post about what I pack for Lennox ON THE PLANE because this can be tricky.

Did I leave something off of this international packing list for toddlers? Tell me!

Happy travels!

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