Red Wine Stain Hack- Can you get red wine out of clothes with WHITE wine?

Red Wine Stain Hack- Can you get red wine out of clothes with WHITE wine?

I know- it this title sounds downright crazy. Can you really get a red wine stain out of clothing using WHITE wine? My friend told me about this red wine stain hack and immediately I knew I had to test out this hack for myself.

Since NYE is coming up, and someone is bound to spill a bit of pinot noir, I thought this was the perfect time to put one of my old white shirts to the test.

Watch my Instagram Reel red wine stain test below to see the results! Or keep scrolling below for the play-by-play.

First, immediately pour white wine on your stain. Be generous. This of course, assumes you have white wine in the house! Bonus- if you have to open a new bottle now you get to enjoy a glass while you launder your stain.

IMG 5628

Next, let the white wine soak into your clothes for approximately 30 minutes.


After the 30 minute soak, launder your clothes as usual in the washing machine. I put in a couple other white things with it that I didn’t care too much about, just in case they were affected by the red and white wine.

IMG 5630

And the results are below! JUST WOW.

IMG 5631

Did you expect the white wine to get the red wine stain out this well? It looks like new! I’m so impressed.

Let me know if you try this hack!

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