DIY Neutral Splat Mat for a High Chair

DIY Neutral Splat Mat for a High Chair

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Okay, we need to talk about splat mats. If you aren’t familiar, they’re the mats that go under high chairs to catch your little one’s food. Trust me, you probably need one. Kiddos are renowned messy eaters. Splat mats can be easier to clean and save your floor from some serious wear and tear.

But the main issue are the splat mat options. They suck. I’ve looked long and hard for an affordable splat mat that isn’t hard on my eyes. To me, it’s a piece of decor. Something that needs to fit into the aesthetic of my kitchen. But to splat mat manufacturers it’s a play toy, something that should have chevron print, rainbows, or dinosaurs. That’s lovely, but not for my dining area.

So I decided to make my own DIY neutral splat mat for a high chair. And it wasn’t that hard. See below for my Instagram Reel video showing the process!

Step-by-step DIY splat mat process

  1. First, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 1.5 yards of vinyl fabric in the shade that I wanted. This was about $10! Such a bargain.
  2. Then I traced a circle on to the vinyl fabric by using a small rug that I had which was the same size that I wanted for the splat mat. The splat mat can really be as large or small as you want. It really depends on the circumference of your high chair and how large your dining area is.
  3. Then I used a heavy duty pair of scissors and cut the traced circle. I freehanded this and the mat looked fine after. There were minor imperfections but honestly they weren’t noticeable.
  4. Then I secured the splat mat under the high chair using carpet tape from Amazon! (Because unfortunately the vinyl fabric doesn’t have any grip on the other side.)
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See? It’s a pretty easy process.

The mat does get a bit dirty when people step on it with their shoes…but I don’t want shoes in the house anyways. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to clean with the dust buster or paper towel!

Screen Shot 2022 07 09 at 2.15.43 PM

Would you make a DIY splat mat? Am I crazy for making one? Tell me in the comments below.

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