The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Trike QUICK Review

The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Trike QUICK Review

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Yup, my son got a Bentley (Trike) before I did. I mean, I may NEVER get a Bentley. But you read that correct- my SON has one. He has The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Trike and I’m here to gush (review) all about this hybrid tricycle. I’ll make this quick and efficient because I know Moms don’t have time to read a 5-page review.

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Before we dive in, I’ll just answer your first question: YES this is a real Bentley! This Trike was designed in collaboration with Bentley Motors and includes the Bentley Badge chrome emblem and exact replica Continental GT wheels.

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The “Woo” Factors

  • It’s lighter than you think. One of the first things I noticed is that this Stroller Trike LIGHTER than it looks like it would be. Yes, it’s made of high-quality materials which sometimes means heavier materials. But this is totally manageable. (Actual weight is 28 pounds)
  • This Stroller/Trike GROWS with your toddler. According to their official site, it comfortably fits ages 6 months – 5 years. Lennox just got his and his is 18 months old so obviously I can’t speak to the fit for a 6 month old but I’m excited to see Lennox grow into his Trike. (Max weight is 65 pounds.)
  • It’s all in the name: 6 positions. The Trike morphs into 6 different adaptations based on your child’s age:
    • 6 Months+ up: rear-facing stroller or
    • 6 Months+ up: forward-facing stroller
    • 12 Months+ up: forward-facing stroller with toddler footrest
    • 24 Months+ up: toddler footrest removed and parent handlebar removed
    • 48 Months+ up: backrest removed for full Trike control
  • It features a secure 4-point buckle strap. This Bentley Trike comes with a padded and adjustable buckle to secure your kiddo as they grow.
  • Comes with a cup holder. Need I say more?
  • Modern hues. I love the color options for this Stroller Trike. We got our Bentley Trike in “Jetstream” blue. I also love the brown and spruce green colors!
  • Sturdy storage. I appreciate that the storage under the stroller has a secure flat bottom. I can’t tell you how many times I bring takeout home and I want it to lay flat. Oh is that just me?!
  • Peep hole. I can’t live with a Stroller that doesn’t have a top opening to see your kiddo when they are forward-facing. This is a must for me!
  • Extra large canopy! The shade has two positions and is made of a 50 UPF waterproof fabric.
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The Considerations

  • You might experience a tad bit of jealousy of your little one. This is a very flash ride! (Joking on this one.)
  • But on a more serious note the steering on this Stroller Trike took a little getting used to. It doesn’t maneuver like a typical stroller since it’s got less wheels and more functionality. For example, to reverse to the left, you need to turn the wheels to the right and then pull backward. Not a dealbreaker by any means, just something to get used to.
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If you buy it, let me know what you think!

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