We tried SHOOTT Photography- a FREE Photo Shoot Service

We tried SHOOTT Photography- a FREE Photo Shoot Service

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SPOILER: we had a great experience with Shoott Photography! Have you ever heard of it? We tried Shoott- a FREE photo shoot service. Here’s how it works. You book a free 30 minute photo shoot at select locations in your city. You meet your pre-selected photographer at the location for the shoot. Then, you pay after only for photos that you love.

The Plan

Lennox is at an age (~20 months) that is just adorable. He’s a confident walker, crazy mumbler and an absolute joy. We wanted to capture this stage of his life. I stumbled across Shoott and decided to give it a try. We picked Cheeseman Park in Denver, a beautiful park with a large white historic gazebo, ponds, trees and rose gardens. Other location options in Denver included Arvada, Union Station and more.

I chose at time slot in the morning before it would be too hot in the Denver summer in July and before Lennox’s nap time. I picked a Friday because I was hoping that would mean the park would be less busy and crowded with people.

My goal for the shoot was to capture a casual, candid family day in the park. We wore jeans, neutral tees and sneakers. Something you would wear for a family picnic in the park!

Our experience

From start to finish, our photo shoot experience was great. We met Breezy, our photographer, in the park in a specific location we got beforehand from Breezy. She was easy to find (with the big black camera on her hip!) and she was a delight from the start. Breezy was very easy-going and so patience with Lennox. As you can imagine, a 20-month-old is not an ideal photo subject. He doesn’t like doing what he’s told and he just wanted to explore and run around. The park was perfect because we explored and strolled through different areas, with Breezy capturing each special moment.

Breezy was receptive to ideas and specific shots we wanted to get. I told her I wasn’t a big fan of posing and wanted spontaneous action photography. And that’s exactly what we got. I would definitely recommend Breezy to others- no complaints at all!

After the photo shoot

Three days after our Shoott photo shoot, we received an email with a link to view our gallery. (That’s fasat!) The photos come lightly edited with just the best ones selected by the photographer in the gallery. There were lots of wonderful photos to choose from. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed!

I couldn’t pick out just a few favorites, so I ended up purchasing the entire gallery. I had a 20% off code (they send out a lot of promos- just sign up for Shoott emails!) so the entire gallery cost me ~$250. I definitely recommend finding a promotional code. They also have an option to leave a tip for the photographer if you had a great experience with them and want to thank them further.

The gallery purchase came with free photo retouching for 2 photos. I still haven’t picked out any photos for retouching because I don’t think there are any that need edits!

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Final verdict

I would definitely use Shoott again. I think the service is versatile and perfect to capture a slew of different occasions such as for family photos, engaged couples, professional photos, Christmas cards and more. If you wanna try Shoott for your next milestone- just click here. And use code “MISTYK” for 10% off!

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