Testing an Eyebrow Stamp from Amazon

Testing an Eyebrow Stamp from Amazon

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As you know, I love trying makeup hacks. There are so many inventive makeup tools and tricks these days but I gravitate towards the easy and effective ones. Ever since eyebrow stamps gained popularity on social media, I’ve been wanting to try it. So here I am, testing an eyebrow stamp from Amazon!

iMethod Beauty is a popular makeup brand found on Amazon. They make various makeup stamp products. Their eyebrows stamp has over 6,000 reviews. So when iMethod reached out to me asking if I wanted to test their eyebrow stamp, I jumped at the opportunity.

But Misty, aren’t your eyebrows microbladed?! Yes, my eyebrows are microbladed. But my microblading is at a stage where I desperately need a touch, so this is the PERFECT time to try an eyebrow stamp. My microblading needs a touch up approximately every 10 months.

Watch me try the eyebrow stamp for the first time, below!

How does it work

As you can see in the video, the eyebrow stamp process is pretty straightforward. The hardest part is the choosing an eyebrow shape that you like and also fits with your natural arch. (I don’t show this in the video, but this involves you holding dozens of clear stamps up to your brow to find a match.)

The pigment is housed in the lid of the stamp, not in the sponge. In the video I am using 04 Blonde and I was happy with how the color looked on me.

To apply, hold the clear stamp up to your brow with one hand. Use the other hand to gently stroke the color onto your brow. I suggest going lightly for your first try.

Then, turn the stamp over and use the other side for your other brow. (You may want to wipe it off before switching to the other brow, as you might get pigment on your skin.)

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The verdict

I’m into it. I will actually use this eyebrow stamp as part of my routine. Granted, I won’t always need to use it since I have my brows microbladed. But when the microblading starts to fade, this is a perfect in-between solution.

Yes, the first time I used the iMethod eyebrow stamp I went too heavy on the pigment. So this product takes a couple tries to get right, as with most new makeup techniques.

Would YOU try it? Check it out on Amazon here.

To watch me try an eyeliner stamp- click here.

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