The Best Interior Wall Paint Sheen?

The Best Interior Wall Paint Sheen?

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We finally MOVED! If you follow me on social media, then you already know we recently moved homes. We bought a new house in the same neighborhood in Denver and after 2 months we were finally able to move in. (We were trying to sell our old house.) We really hope this is our “forever home” and are excited to make it feel like ours. This means doing a few cosmetic updates before we move in. First things first, interior wall paint! The entire house was a medium taupe color and we decided to brighten it up with white wall paint. So what’s the best interior wall paint sheen?

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My favorite white interior wall paint color 

To me, white walls are a blank slate. A fresh start. A new beginning. I prefer white walls in a new home so that you can take the decor in any direction you like. 

In our first home, we chose Sherwin Williams “Snowbound” paint color and I’ve loved the color since we made the decision in 2019. When we bought this new house, I looked at DOZENS of paint colors to see if there was another white paint that I was drawn to. I even considered going warmer like the popular “Swiss Coffee” wall paint used by Studio McGee.

In the end, we decided to go with the same “Snowbound” paint color for the walls. It doesn’t have any undertones and is a bright white without appearing stark or sterile. We’ve had no issues with the paint color in the past. So why ruin a good thing?!

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What sheen for interior walls?

Here is where our issues began. After I chose the paint color, I found an old paint can from our previous home to see what sheen (finish) we used. The can said “Low-Sheen Eggshell” from the ProMar 200 line. Bingo! Well, it turns out this is not a very common sheen. Most current walls are painted in “Flat” or “Matte” which is on trend and doesn’t appear to be shiny. However, this is not great for cleaning if you have kids, or bathrooms or laundry rooms. Most bathrooms and bathroom ceilings are leveled up in the shine department to “Eggshell” which is more durable with water and wetness. 

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In our last home, our painter found a specific line of paint at Sherwin Williams called ProMar 200 that offered the best of both worlds: it was Low-Sheen (no shine) but had cleaning capabilities and durability of Eggshell. Hence, “Low-Sheen Eggshell”. PERFECT! Because this in-between sheen is only with the ProMar 200 line it’s just not that common. And I totally forgot about it when I told the painter our selection of color and sheen. I mistakenly told him “Snowbound in Eggshell”. So I clearly missed the “Low-Sheen” part of the name.

After our painter has almost finished the job, I realized the walls looked oddly shiny. That’s when I realized I had picked the wrong sheen. (Grrr!) The walls were too shiny and I really missed my modern matte walls. So we had to paint over it…what a nightmare. I won’t bore you with the details here, but we now have mismatched sheens on different walls in our home and I’m not thrilled about it.

The Takeaway

My favorite sheen is “Low-Sheen Eggshell” from Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 line. If you go with a Sherwin Williams color for your interior walls, I highly recommend using this sheen. It looks matte to the eye but is easy to clean and care for. This is wonderful for families with pets or young kids. 

What’s your favorite interior wall paint sheen?

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