How we told my parents we’re pregnant!

How we told my parents we’re pregnant!

howt to tell your parents you are pregnant

Telling your parents you are pregnant is surely one of the greatest moments this life can offer! I was so excited to tell my Mom and Dad that Lockie and I were expecting our first baby. This is the first Grandbaby on my side of the family so I wanted to plan something extra special to surprise them. I knew it would completely catch them off guard which was so fun for me! And made the planning really easy.

We didn’t really tell my parents we were trying for a baby, we wanted it to be our little secret. Like many other couples, it took a bit longer to hit the target than we anticipated.

We finally got pregnant in late March 2020. Right at the start of the pandemic. We wanted to wait a little bit of time (at least 8 weeks) before telling family the news. This was a personal decision and something that I think came out of this being our first pregnancy. We wanted to know that the pregnancy was viable before telling many people.

The Plan

Mother’s Day. I know Mother’s Day is not quite the same as “Grandparents Day” but it felt like a special day to tell my parents the news that they would become Grandparents. And it was about 10 weeks into my pregnancy— an amount of time that felt comfortable to us.

Lockie and I live in Denver, CO and my parents live in my childhood home in San Luis Obispo, CA. I decided I would mail my Mom a Mother’s Day gift that revealed our pregnancy news. And then I was off to Etsy! Etsy has an insane amount of customizable gifts for any relative to spill the news to.

My Mom and I both love plants and specifically succulents. I planned the gift around a plant theme which is gender neutral and a personal touch! All gift items are linked below if you like anything that you see.

The Gift

A onesie was a no-brainer. It gets the baby point across quickly and easily and it’s very affordable to customize a baby onesie. I found a few simple onesie designs that read “Hello Oma & Opa” and picked my favorite font. Oma and Opa is Grandma and Grandpa in Dutch and I was set on continuing the tradition.

But I wanted more. Something specifically for my Mom. It was tough to find another gift that wasn’t too cheesy— mugs are a bit overdone and a T-shirt was not my style. I finally stumbled upon customizable indoor planters. Perfect!! I designed a small bark planter that read “Oma’s Garden est. 2020” since our baby would be born in December 2020.

I completed the themed gift with a plant themed Mother’s Day card (also from Etsy), a leaf garland for decoration and plant tissue paper. I was super pleased with the final product!!

I told my Mom not to open her Mother’s Day gift until Mother’s Day and to FaceTime us when she was ready to open it. I HAD to see her face when she opened the gift. Even better— I had my brother film my parents on his phone while they were opening the gift so I could have the moment captured forever.

plant theme mothers day gift

I’m delighted to say it went off without a hitch! It was the perfect surprise, so I highly recommend a gift like this for anyone looking for pregnancy reveal inspiration.

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