How I told my twin sister I’m pregnant!

How I told my twin sister I’m pregnant!

how to tell your sister you are pregnant

I was super excited to tell my twin sister Jenna that I was pregnant with my first baby. In fact, it’s the first baby in our immediate family. Neither my brother nor sister have kids, so I’m the first one. I planned something extra special to tell my twin that she was being upgraded to AUNT Jenna!

If you didn’t know, there are TONS of pregnancy reveal products available for purchase online. It’s actually quite easy to find unique reveal gifts for anyone in your life. Some good places to look are Amazon and Etsy. I really loved all the custom options that Etsy offered with many being handmade or made by small businesses. Pregnancy is such a personal thing so personalized gifts are a lovely touch.

The Plan

My twin lives in California while I live in Colorado. I decided to totally surprise her with our pregnancy news by mailing her a sweet gift box with a gift inside. This would totally catch her off guard– in the best way! I think she would typically expect this type of news via phone or FaceTime, not via snail mail.

I bought her this “Got it from my Auntie Obviously” quote baby onesie off Etsy, which matches her spunky personality. Even better, she loves black and gold (we both do!) so the style felt right. The Etsy listing gives you the option to change the color of the text and/or alter “Auntie” to another relative. So this option is truly customizable!

pregnancy reveal gift for aunt

I also bought this fun geometric gold confetti on Etsy to put in the gift box.

To complete the gift, I designed a custom card to match the onesie and the black and gold theme. I got this printed on matter paper at Walgreens which is conveniently a block away and a very affordable option.

Dear Susan and Elisa copy
MG 7620

After the package was mailed, all I had to do was sit next to my phone and wait for her to call me! I knew she would dial me up as soon as she opened it. I timed the package to arrive to my sister’s house just a couple days after I told my parents. I couldn’t risk any loose lips ruining the surprise for my parents or for my twin.

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