I Visited Denver’s Cat Cafe and Here’s How It Went

I Visited Denver’s Cat Cafe and Here’s How It Went

Looking for something to do on an icy day in Denver? How about visiting a cat cafe? My thought exactly.

Outside Denver Cat Company Tennyson Street Denver Colorado

When I found out from a coworker that there was a cat cafe meowing on Tennyson Street, I had to go! I coerced my boyfriend and his friend to join me at Denver Cat Company on a Saturday afternoon. Fun fact: my boyfriend loves cats.

You’re right, it was packed. Upon entering Denver Cat Co, you walk through a large wooden trap door and you are in the cafe. Then, a hostess behind the makeshift cafe counter eagerly explains how it works.

Denver Cat Company funny live nude cats sign


  • Pay $8 entry per person and stay as long as you desire.
  • Play, pet, and stare at as many cats as you like.
  • And if you really like one, adopt it!

On the day we visited, there were 18 cats sprawled across a large cafe seating area and a back room that serves as a library. Because it was so packed, it was a bit hard to win attention from the cats. Some of the cats seemed overwhelmed by the people and were hiding out in various cubbies and cat houses.

IMG 1268
Inside Denver Cat Company


Warning: don’t come hungry. The cafe sells drip coffee, bottled drinks in a refrigerator, and various pre-packaged snacks. (Popchips, anyone?) *I think* that it’s due to health code reasons that they can’t sell food prepared on site. If you’re looking for bite nearby there are lots of options and my personal favorite is Vital Root.

IMG 1258


It’s for a good cause. And is a genius way to encourage cat adoptions. From their website:

Denver Cat Company has partnered with multiple shelters and rescue organizations over the last four years. Enduring partnerships have been with Life is Better rescue and PawsCo, and to a growing degree, the Denver Animal Shelter.

Inside of Denver Cat Company on Tennyson Street

Have you been to a cat cafe? Thoughts? Leave ’em below.

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