A Covid Approved Gender Reveal

A Covid Approved Gender Reveal

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It’s our first. So of course Lockie and I wanted to do a fun baby gender reveal! We are Millennials, after all, and we can’t miss out on this. I’ll admit, I researched gender reveal ideas for hours. I stressed. It was ridiculous. I was determined to do a unique gender reveal that felt authentic to Lockie and I. We don’t like doing anything the “normal” way so the pressure was on. Oh yeah, and it was still the beginning of the pandemic in May this year. So a typical gender reveal party was out of the question.

We settled for filming ourselves with a tripod doing the reveal in our backyard. But we still had to figure out who was going to get the reveal item to our house in the correct color. Again, this was a serious Covid time. People were barely going to the post office.

I enlisted my twin sister Jenna to help us. Or rather, she enlisted herself. Jenna was very excited to be part of this even though she was thousands of miles away in California. We started texting each other countless ideas– from smoke, confetti, balloons, eggs, champagne and more. I finally settled on doing a PAINT SPLATTER. Again, I wanted this to be fun for Lockie and I nod to our quirky relationship. But of course it’s the messiest thing you can do.

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The planning began. I arranged for my doctor to call Jenna with the blood test results after our 12 week appointment. Ahead of that, Jenna bought 2 blue and 2 pink bottles of water based acrylic paint. She carefully painted the outside of each bottle gold to hide the paint color. Jenna labeled the bottom of 2 of them “A” and the bottom of the other 2 “B” and mailed them to us in Denver. The plan was right after the doctor called her, she would call me to tell us which letter “A” or “B” to use to film the reveal.

Lockie was SO anxious to find out the gender. I was a little reluctant because knowing the gender made the pregnancy feel oh-so-real. I had a lot going on in my brain already and knowing the gender was not a huge priority for me.

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One week after the blood test, the doctor called Jenna with the results. We did the reveal the next day after work!

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Did you think it was going to be a BOY?!

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