We Painted a Nursery Mountain Wall Mural

We Painted a Nursery Mountain Wall Mural

We did it. We painted a mountain wall mural in our Aussie-Colorado themed nurser and I’ll tell you how we did it.

Mountain wall mural for nursery

As soon as I started researching baby boy nursery themes I fell in love with painted mountain walls. I briefly considered buying wall paper or decals to get the job done. But I have some painting skills from college so I ultimately decided I could do this myself! I wanted a certain style with custom colors so DIY was the best way to achieve that.

Lockie is from Australia and we currently live in Denver, so we decided to do a hybrid Aussie-Colorado theme for the nursery. The plan was to paint a mountain wall to represent Colorado and include an Australia shaped shelf and Australian animals on another wall.

Step 1

First, I drew the mountains I wanted on a white piece of paper in pencil. I freehanded the design using some online photos that I liked as inspiration. I also decided what colors I wanted on each part of the mountain.

Next, I used pencil to transfer the mountain outline from my paper onto the nursery wall as best I could.

Step 2

Buy the paint and supplies. We went to Home Depot and picked out paint colors in a Behr semi-matte finish. In the store I held the color swatches together to make sure I liked how they looked next to each other. We also bought a couple paint brushes, a plastic tray, blue painters tape and a plastic drop mat to protect the carpet floor.

Here’s the paint we used.

Beige: We used leftover paint we had at the house left by the previous owners

Light gray: Behr French Silver

Medium gray: Behr Rainmaster

Dark gray: Behr Charcoal Blue

Step 3

Prep the room by covering the molding with blue tape and side corners. Place the drop mat on the ground to protect your floor. Don’t forget to take the electrical outlet covers off so you can paint under them.

IMG 1134

Step 4

Start painting. It’s best to go from top to bottom so that that paint doesn’t accidentally spill on work you’ve already done!

I started by carefully tracing the very TOP mountain line in beige and then filling in paint 1 inch BELOW the 2nd mountain line while keeping the traced outline. Then I carefully drew the 2nd highest mountain line in light gray on top of the first paint color to create a seamless line.

IMG 1367

After that I lost all sense of process and went rogue. I drew the final three mountain colors in but not in any logical sense. I did whatever felt natural at the time. I blame the hormones and my pregnancy induced anxiety.

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IMG 1584

In the end I didn’t like the top beige color we picked and I painted over it in a lighter shade. I mixed the original beige color with white paint to create the lighter shade.

IMG 1677

I’m super pumped about the final mountain mural! I love it and hope that our baby boy grows to love his mountains as well.

painted nursery mountain wall mural

Got a question about how I did our mountain wall? Let me know below!

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