8 Weird Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2016

8 Weird Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2016


1. Make a reservation at White Castle.

Your favorite low-end burger chain will let you make a fancy RES on Valentine’s Day for the 25th year in a row (at select locations).


From 3pm-9pm the selected chains will turn into a sit-down restaurant, but hurry, cuz apparently seats go FAST.

And maybe dress up like a King and Queen? You are going to a castle after all.

2. Opt for a nerdy bouquet instead of the fresh stuff.

For the geeky one in your life, you can treat them to a stormtrooper or BB8 bouquet of toys.

star wars valentines day gift

At $60 the price point is pretty much comparable to a fresh dozen roses, and these will last MUCH longer than a few days, am I right?

3. Freak out your significant other with a Baby Morpher!

Yup! Just upload your photos and see what you and your lover’s future baby will look like. Just follow the instructions on the above link. Don’t forget to check which ethnicity you are and what gender you’d like to explore!

valentines day ideas 2016

Bonus! You can share with everyone in your life by also posting on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

valentines day idea

4.  Celebrate on a different day.

So you can actually go to that quirky-fun-trendy new restaurant you’ve been really wanting to go to. And the top notch flowers won’t be sold out either.

trendy restaurant los angeles

Even though it’s not V-Day, don’t forget to make a res!

5. Self Portrait Canvas Party

Surprise your sweetie with 2 canvases, paints, and brushes. (Maybe some takeout sushi and wine too?) Suggest that you each paint the other person.

valentines day ideas

And hang both of them above your bed. No matter what they look like.

paint naked date idea

Alternate: Get naked. Roll around in the paint together, then engage in some body art on the canvases.

6. Throwback Thursday Date.

Send your date a card telling them to wear the same outfit they were wearing the day you two first met. Same hairstyle. All of it.

Surprise your date by taking them to the very location where you met! Relive the magic. 

valentines day date idea

7. Bed Party.

Don’t get out of bed. All. Day.

bed party valentines day date

I’m sure you can think of PLENTY of things to do. (Poetry reading, yoga, Netflix…)

Exceptions: Answering the door for takeout. Pee. Get more wine.

8. Whip up a homemade heart-shaped pizza.

I mean, who WOULDN’T love this? Valentine’s Day is also known as National Diet Cheat Day.

So eat your heart out.

heart shaped pizza valentines day

Here’s a Recipe. Another one. Another one.

neon sign heart gift

Which weird V-Day date idea are YOU going to try this year? Leave a comment!

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