Tips For Buying Furniture Online

Tips For Buying Furniture Online

Tips for buying furniture online to get the best deal

Personally, I believe that buying furniture online is unavoidable. First of all, you have direct-to-consumer brands that have popped up online and don’t offer physical retail stores. In addition, online shopping allows you to shop around for competitive pricing. Not to mention…coronavirus. Here are my tips for buying furniture online.

When Lockie and I moved into our new house, we need a lot of new furniture. We just didn’t have much.

Tips for buying furniture online

  1. Measure. And Measure. And Measure. The first thing you need to do is take the prospective items dimensions and measure your space. Don’t forget height too! This especially matters when buying something that goes near a window. And even better, use blue painter’s tape to show you the measurement in your space. This will help with the next tip.
  2. Visualize. I always stand in the room where I plan to put the piece of furniture and visualize it in the space. Does the color go with the rest of the decor? Does it match the style you’re going for? Will it make a statement? Or blend in? Trust your gut, it goes a long way.
  3. Look at the customer photos. This is my favorite thing to do. So often, brand photos of products are visual renderings and sometimes don’t show the product in true color with natural lighting on it. This is where the customer photos come in. (Usually at the bottom of a product page!) I love seeing how other consumers have styled the product and how it looks in their space. Chances are it will look similar in your space.
  4. Browse Instagram and Pinterest. Social platforms are another great place to see photos of the furniture in action. Find these either on branded accounts (ie: @WestElm) or by searching hashtags #EmersonCouch.
  5. Don’t pay full price. Since you’re shopping online, you have options. And if you’re shopping at a major brand store, you can count on them having lots of sales. Just sign up for their newsletter and watch the sales and coupons come in. (Especially Pottery Barn, West Elm, Apt2B and more). Also, install the Honey Chrome plugin to find available discount codes at checkout.
  6. Check the return policy. This is an absolute must!! Don’t forget to see your options for returning the item. I recommend always buying stuff that has an option for return, so I steer clear from certain sites like Overstock and Wayfair. (All Modern is a better option with a slightly more favorable return policy). Amazon is always a good choice.
  7. Measure doorways. Don’t forget to measure the door that the furniture will be coming in through. You don’t want this to ruin your hard work in picking out the perfect piece!

Was this helpful? What’s YOUR best tip for buying furniture online?!

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