Our Engagement Photos: The Bloopers

Our Engagement Photos: The Bloopers

misty lockie engagement silly photo

Bloopers are the best

Bloopers are my favorite. Any kind. I love bloopers and I always have. They give you a glimpse of someone’s true personality…a quick relief from manufactured moments! That’s why the quirky blooper photos captured at our engagement photoshoot session are actually my favorite snaps. Lockie and I try not to take ourselves too seriously which makes for some candid photo magic.

denver engagement shoot blooper
The one where he tried to lift up my dress.
engagmement photos indoor
The first photo we took this day. Lockie insisted we get a photo of his foot tattoo (which I hate).
engagement photo blooper
Classic: the one where he grabbed my lady bit.
engagement photo silly faces
Lockie loves to make fun of my facial expressions.
engagement photo before the jump
Wait for it…
Denver Engagement Shoot Bloopers
misty lockie engagement photo blooper
engagement photo jumping blooper
ALMOST a success!
Denver Engagement Photo Shoot

Thank you SO MUCH to Reyna Robyn for capturing these photos for us. Especially the goofy ones. I will literally never tire of looking at these captures.

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