How I Picked An Interior White Paint Color for our New House

How I Picked An Interior White Paint Color for our New House

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A paint job

One thing Lockie and I were sure of when we bought our first home together was that it needed an interior paint job, bad. The paint wasn’t in bad condition, but rather, it was all over the place. Each room was painted a different hue… were talking teal, tan, navy, gray, brown and green. This is great for warmth and character but it’s also very 2001. Here’s how we picked an interior white paint color for our new house.

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We decided to tackle the interior paint job before digging into any other updates on the house. In hindsight, this wasn’t exactly the best approach. (I’ll get to that later!)

I knew I wanted the house to be white. To me, white is clean, crisp and great for mental clarity. Little did I know that there are A MILLION different shades of white paints to choose from. I don’t want my space to look sterile, just simple and bright.

How to choose a white paint color

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First things first, go to Sherwin Williams and take home a ton of white paint swatches. Then go through these considerations below!

WARM OR COOL – An easy way to narrow down all the white paint options is to decide if you want a warm (yellowish) or cool (bluish) shade of white. This may depend on what else is going on in your home such as the color of cabinets or furniture you own. If your cabinets have a warm undertone, go with a warm white paint. You get my drift.

THE LIGHTING – You should also consider lighting when choosing white paint. Do you have yellow light bulbs in your home? This may make your paint look yellow. Do you have a ton of natural light? This will make your paint look even whiter than it is. Decide what is in your space and adjust accordingly.

THE FINISH – Let’s talk about sheen. You should also consider what type of finish you want on your paint. The main categories of finish go from flattest to glossiest: flat, eggshell, satin, semigloss, highgloss. I don’t really like shiny walls, and I feel like matte is really “in” right now. But the problem with flat paint is that it gets dirty easily and is hard to clean. If you have kids, then this is a big no-no. A happy medium is choosing a “flat matte” paint which is a step up from the flattest paint. (Sherwin Williams makes a nice flat matte!)

THE CEILING – It is common to choose the flattest paint finish for your ceiling. This is okay because it’s not likely that your ceiling will get dirty. As for ceiling color, it’s totally fine to do it the same color as your walls. Or, some people do a shade lighter than the walls because it’s supposed to make the room look bigger. I chose the same shade in a flat finish.

THE BATHROOM – It is also common to choose a glossier finish in the bathroom to combat steam from the shower. (I did this too!)

I have to tell you… throughout this process, I got kinda nervous about choosing white for the whole house. My painter told me he had never done a whole house white. It looks like paint trends are slow to make their way to Denver! Like, um, have you ever been on Pinterest?

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My pick

So what did I pick?! We have warm cabinets and wood flooring in our home so a warm white would have been the right choice. However, I don’t like yellow-tinted white, so I decided to go for a neutral white with no undertones.

After hours of swatch torture… I chose “Snowbound” from Sherwin Williams in Flat Matte finish. I will say, now that the paint is done it does look and feel brighter and lighter than it looks online and on the swatch, but I’m still happy with my decision.

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