Entourage movie review

Entourage movie review


My friend James dragged me to opening night of the new Entourage movie.

And I didn’t hate it!

I actually found myself grinning from ear-to-ear almost the whole time. It was funny, lighthearted, and ridiculous.

So the obvious: Tons of boobs, partying, drinking, too-thin ladies, famous LA eateries, and celebrity cameos (Gary Busey, Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, etc.)

Not so obvious: I liked that the gang was doing well for once. *SPOILERS*

emily-ratajkowski-435x580The plot revolves around Vinny Chase making his directorial debut with a huge franchise movie, and former agent Ari as the new studio head. Vinny’s pal E produces it and they make a good flick. They just needs more money to finish it. The Texas investor’s son comes to LA to approve the extra cash, and things get messy.

Now for the newb. I was very surprised that a huge part of the plot revolved around “Blurred Lines” music video gal Emily Ratajkowski (also from Gone Girl). She comes between the investor’s son and Vinny- and almost ruins his debut film. So it seems Emily’s here to stay, Hollywood.

The ending is a positive one: Lloyd gets married and Johnny Drama wins a Golden Globe.

Do you wanna see the new Entourage movie?

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