A little ColourPop for the Oscars!

A little ColourPop for the Oscars!

I met two lovely ladies of makeup brand ColourPop in a seemingly secret back room at the SecretRoom Oscars Gift Event.


They offered to let me try on a lip color and of course this gal can’t say no to that.


I let them choose whatever shade they thought would look best on me (!)


And this experience was documented for your pleasure.


I left with an awesome goodie bag of pearlized cheek highlighters, shimmery eyeshadows, matte lippie stix, and ultra matte lips to try!


I tested out a “Satin Lippie Stix” in Frida for my Oscars look while covering the award show at Clevver! Just looked on ColourPop’s site and I’m SHOCKED to see it’s just $5. Proof. I was aware the Los Angeles brand prides themselves on affordable quality. But DAMN! I’m impressed. I thought this lip would be priced to at least double that.

I also used their cheek highlighter line “Super Shock Cheek” in Smokin’ Whistles ($8) and a “Super Show Shadow” in La La ($5). I know it’s hard to see in the photo above because my glasses hide the shadow and highlighter. I was satisfied with the ease of application and quality of ALL the products I tried.

But I’ll tell you this: I got lots of compliments on my makeup. That I did myself. 

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