What I Eat For Breakfast: Healthy Egg Quinoa Bowl

What I Eat For Breakfast: Healthy Egg Quinoa Bowl

‘I’m obsessed. I felt compelled to share my favorite healthy breakfast recipe because it’s SO yummy and SO well-rounded. To me, it’s the perfect balanced meal to start your day. Here’s what I eat for breakfast: healthy egg quinoa bowl!

What I eat for breakfast healthy egg quinoa bowl recipeSo what it is? There’s no official for it (that I’m aware of) so I’ve given it a self-explanatory name: “Egg Quinoa Bowl”. It’s packed with protein, whole grains, calcium, and “good” fat. Did I mention it is darn right delicious?


  • 2 scrambled eggs
  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • Spoonful of red pepper sauce
  • Spoonful of plain Greek yogurt
  • Cubed avocado

Directions: Even though I just listed out the ingredients for you, there’s no real measuring involved. I simply throw these ingredients together in a bowl, and enjoy. The beauty here is that you can customize it to your liking. If you like a lot of sauce, then add a lot of sauce!

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Now, what you’re probably thinking is… I don’t have time for this. I’ll promise that you do. I make a big batch of quinoa in my rice cooker every Sunday night so that I have it ready for my breakfast during the week. The only thing that you need to prepare each morning are the scrambled eggs. And those take about 5 minutes to cook. While the eggs cook, I prepare everything else in the bowl and by the time the eggs are done, the rest of the bowl is ready.

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You’re probably also wondering about this red pepper sauce. I used to make my own from scratch using my bullet blender, but now I’ve found a ready-made tasty one at Trader Joes that I use. This simplifies the process even more.

What I eat for breakfast

Would you try this? Tell me! I’m super curious to know if this looks yummy or atrocious to you guys. XOXO

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