We Went Snowshoeing in Colorado

We Went Snowshoeing in Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado to be exact. I’ve lived in Denver for exactly 2.5 years. I don’t take any weekend for granted. (Well, I try not to.) I like snowboarding, but don’t own a board or a season pass. So I like finding new activities to get my booty up to the mountains. I LOVE the mountains. And love any excuse to go there. BTW, the “mountains” are the Rockies which are about a 1.5 hour drive from Denver. So day trips are a thing.

Snoeshoeing at Breckenridge Nordic Center in Colorado
One of us is REALLY excited about this

After weeks of begging, I finally convinced my boyfriend Lockie and our Australian house guest (Vassie) to accompany me on a snowshoeing adventure.

I did some expert Google research and decided Breckenridge Nordic Center was IT. They offer snowshoe rentals for $23 that include the show, boots, and poles if you want them. Trail passes are another $25 per person. No reservations needed. Open 9am-4pm. Tons of marked trail options. Beautiful!

Snowshoeing at Breckenridge Nordic Center 2019

We left Denver on Saturday around 10:00 am to beat the early bird skier traffic. Waze took us straight to the Breckenridge Nordic Center. Parking lot was a little crowded but after circling a few times, we snagged a spot. Right inside the Breckenridge Nordic Center is a desk where you place your snowshoe and trail pass order. Then you walk over to the rental area and they give you some (rad) snowshoes to attach to your boots. If you don’t have snow boots, they can loan you a good pair for no extra charge. We didn’t opt for poles since the rental shop folks didn’t think we would need them.

Outside Breckenridge Nordic Center
Outside Breckenridge Nordic Center

It was a gorgeous, sunny day in Breck so tons of layers weren’t necessary. In fact, I took off a layer before we headed out on a trail and I was still sweating most of the time. So don’t dress TOO warm. You aren’t on top of a mountain, so it isn’t blisteringly cold.

We picked an easy-ish 1 hour trail and grabbed a map. Immediately we were all struck by how EASY it was to walk on snow in snowshoes. Basically fall-proof. The lightweight shoes were awesome and made snow hiking a bit like walking on clouds. The trail wasn’t very crowded and we enjoyed every second of it. Except when we realized we were lost. We must have made a wrong turn somewhere because we ended up circling around the same trail twice. So pay close attention to the markers on trees!

Snowshoes at Breckenridge Nordic Center

My boyfriend and Vassie loved it. They said they wouldn’t do it all the time, but enjoyed the experience. Win. Win. Bat on my back. And a check mark on my bucket list.

I thought doing a self-guided snowshoe trail was easy enough for a person with average physical ability. But if you are looking for more instruction, the Breckenridge Nordic Center offers guided tours. Speaking of the Nordic center, did I mention how gorgeous it is? Stunning. It’s even a wedding venue apparently. After our adventure, we enjoyed some veggie chili and a homemade brownie.

Inside Breckenridge Nordic Center
Inside Breckenridge Nordic Center

Have a snowshoe question? I can try to answer it! Write ’em down below.

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  1. Sorry, I could not correct typos. Snowshoeing

    I also wanted to mention, we offer child-pulk sleds, making it easy to take children along on skis or snowshoes.

    Parking is even tighter these days, since our outdoor trails are a great social distancing option during the pandemic.

    So, now we have an online reservation system to space out groups and better serve our guests.

    Congratulations! Thanks, Therese

  2. Hi Misty, thanks for your article about Snowdhoeing at a BreckenridgeNordic.com.
    I made the Chili, as I always do and I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Let us know if you might like to come back and be our guest for a Nordic Cross Country Ski Day, with comp Lesson, Trail Pass and Rental for two (2).

    Thank you, Therese & Gene Dayton
    (970) 389-4641 my cell for phone/text

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