Valentine’s Day Beauty Kitchen Box is Here!

Valentine’s Day Beauty Kitchen Box is Here!

Hello February, you’re looking lovable!

My Tour Group gal Heather Marianna sent me her February Beauty Kitchen monthly subscription box filled with Valentine’s Day themed goodies.

valentines day card

I could NOT wait to open the bright pink box when it surprised me in the mail. I mean, who DOESN’T love getting packages?

BTW the VIP monthly box is $34.95 and the mini monthly box is only $12.95 which is super affordable for just about anyone.

beauty kitchen monthly box

I’m super excited to try this Rose Geranium Anti-Aging Gel Mask. Made with organic rose petals, pure rosewater and aloe I’m thinking my face needs some TLC this V-Day!

anti aging mask

Ok so I’ve already been using this lip and heard soap set in the shower. They’re made with Shea Butter imported from Africa and I gotta tell you I’m obsessed with the scent. I don’t even know what it is, but I heart it. Like, I get excited to shower so I can smell these soaps.

lip soap beauty kitchen

This month’s box also comes with Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan Ice Cream Bath Soak, two pairs of eye gels, Wintergreen Lip Scrub, and Beauty Kitchen Lip Balm!

beauty subscription box

I just tried the Lip Scrub (never tried one before) and my lips do feel pretty freaking kissable!

Have you tried any of Heather’s all natural products? Let me know. Leave a comment below!

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