These Glasses Hold My Glasses

These Glasses Hold My Glasses

So meta. (is that the correct use of the word meta?)

Anyways, I got this sweet ReadeREST magnetic shirt clip that holds my glasses! And totally affordable- $11.99 people.

glasses holder readerest

Cause where do you put your GLASSES when you need to put your SUNNIES on?

hipster ray ban glasses holder

I just love that the holder is a pair of Ray Bans… my signature 🙂 Of course the ReadeREST holder comes in simpler styles as well.

The magnet on the back is super strong and easy to put on. Took me 2 tries the first time.

blogger review readerest

ReadeREST has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank where they quickly made a deal with Lori Greiner and never looked back.

 PS- Also good for holding earbuds!


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