So I made cold brew coffee at home

So I made cold brew coffee at home

I got a bag of Cold Brew Kitchen’s Reserve Blend to try at home! The company makes artisan coffee grounds designed to cold brew in YOUR kitchen.

I’ve never made cold brew coffee myself and was stoked about the challenge.  SPOILER: it was pretty easy!


1- Let a 12oz bag of grounds sit over night in a large glass jar with 7-10 cups of filtered water. (I used an old flower vase)


2- Filter the grounds into another container. (I used a regular strainer I already had)


3- Voila! Strong, rich cold brew coffee. I like mine with almond milk 🙂

I love that the coffee comes ground, taking out one extra step on my end! Since the cold brew coffee is so concentrated this jar will last me for at least a week.

BTW- This Reserve Blend is on sale right now on their site for $10.

What I like even as much as this delicious home cold brew is the owner. I met Jackie and her son at the Celeb Connected Oscars gift lounge. They were a delight to meet and shared my enthusiasm for the good stuff. Coffee.

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