Police officer lip syncs to Taylor Swift

Police officer lip syncs to Taylor Swift

This Delaware police officer really knows how to SHAKE. IT. OFF.

In a playful new series the Dover Police Department YouTube channel dubs “DashCam Confessional” Mr. Jeff Davis is dancing and singing to Taylor’s hit song. Spoiler: it’s fake. 

“Yes, I did know that the camera was on,” he said. “We had it done just as a publicity thing for not only our police department but police worldwide.”

“With all of the negative publicity the police have been getting nationwide and worldwide, I think it was a good thing to show a little, the lighter side of the police,” he added. “We are human and we have a tough job to do. We just wanna kind of make a funny video to show that we’re all human.”

Ok, but still. It’s SOOOOOOO good.

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