Leo Girl Scout Cookie MEME LOL TIME

Leo Girl Scout Cookie MEME LOL TIME

leo cookiesOk so I know the Oscars were like DAYS ago, but I had to share this Leo Photoshop Battle from Reddit.

Oscars host Chris Rock implored the millionaire audience members to buy some of his daughters’ Girl Scout Cookies. Claps for Dad.

leo girl scout meme

Chris even named checked Leo in his bit, essentially forcing Leo to buy some cookies.

leo girl scout meme

The moment Leo was caught digging into his box inspired this meme battle, naturally.

leo oscars meme

Did Leo really think he could win his first OSCAR (finally) and come away un-memed?

leonardo dicaprio meme

No. He’s the best meme inspiration the Internet has ever seen.

leo meme oscars cookies

I talk more about this in Thursday’s Be Yourselfie show below!

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