I Tried Microblading in Denver and Here’s How It Went

I Tried Microblading in Denver and Here’s How It Went

brow bar and co microblading reviewI decided to try microblading

So, I got my first tattoo. But it’s not what you think! I tried microblading my eyebrows, otherwise known as semi-permanent makeup. This trend has been around for years now and is finally going mainstream. Paying for permanently shaped and shaded brows? Count me in! Well, there’s actually a lot more to consider. Like price. Pain tolerance. Or scarring. I tried microblading in Denver and here’s how it went. Let’s get into it.

This all started when my friend Renee showed up at LAX to pick me up while showing off her new eyebrows. Instantly, I knew I had to have them. I’ve never liked my naturally half-there light eyebrows. Proof of my nonexistent brows in these two photos below! Not one of my favorite inherited traits.

Before Microblading Photo DenverFinding the right eyebrow artist

So it began. I did a TON of research for a couple of months on the best microblading artists in the Denver area. Man, it was frustrating. It’s so hard to know if someone is good by just looking at their website and Instagram feed. I knew what I was looking for: uber natural-looking brows, not too pointed at the end and thickness throughout the brow. But after hours of frustrating research, I realized it came down to word of mouth. A great website and social feed meant the artist has too much time on their hands. The talented artists were too booked to have time to keep up with digital channels.MG 6557 1

Unfortunately, I didn’t know anyone in Denver who had microblading done. So I resorted to reading some blogs and then stumbled upon an artist named Lea Curry owner of The Brow Bar & Co. I emailed her out of the blue and she kindly returned my note. After an unsuccessful phone date and many texts back and forth, she agreed to take on my brow challenge. She didn’t offer to do a consultation and I trusted her process and didn’t press the issue. (More on that to come!) Lea consented to let me document the experience and fit me in one Thursday evening.Inside Arrow Beauty Denver salon microblading

I didn’t receive any instructions prior to the appointment and at first, that seemed alarming. But I was wrong. (I’ll get to that!) I wanted to be as prepared as I could be so, I decided to print out photos of brows I liked to bring with me.

Lea works out of an adorable salon called Arrow Beauty on South Broadway just outside of Denver in Englewood. The appointment didn’t start on time, but to be fair, she did do me a favor by squeezing me in! The first 30 minutes of the appointment consisted of Lea rubbing numbing cream on my filled-in eyebrows. She said it didn’t matter if they were clean or not for the cream to work.Microblading at Arrow Beauty Salon Denver

The process

We used that 30 minutes to chat about the shape and thickness I was looking for and analyzed the photos I brought with me. We didn’t talk about color at all, because Lea didn’t need my consult. She knew exactly what color to go with based on my hair and skin tone and years of experience. Did I mention she’s been doing brows for 17 years?! 6 of those have been spent on semi-permanent makeup. Back to the color. She showed me how she mixed some colors together to make the perfect custom shade. How to get perfect microblading brow color

Microblading eyebrow color mixing

Soon after, I was laying down on the cushiony chair under a ring light. We took some “before” photos and then Lea was off to work. First, she drew on my brow hairs as a guide. And no, she didn’t use a measuring tape to make them perfectly symmetrical. She’s a freeformer. Lea believes in freehanding the brow shape and using your nose and face shape as measurement. Why? Because no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical so your brows shouldn’t be. (Makes sense!) Lea let me approve the outline and when I was satisfied with it we moved on.

brow bar denver microblading before healedNow for the fun part… the permanent part. Lea first outlined my brows and this was undeniably painful. Like really painful. Tears were streaming down my face because I couldn’t hold them back. We took breaks to ease the pain and Lea was great at making conversation as a distraction. Her electric personality was a wonderful bonus.

This is when I learned about Lea’s history and passion for brow art. She has dedicated herself to brow waxing and microblading for almost 2 decades. And she does it every day. Would you really want someone who does microblading twice a week to work on your brows? Not me. I also learned why Lea doesn’t give any instructions prior to her appointments… because she doesn’t need to. She’s done this for so long that she can easily overcome the side effects of drinking caffeine or alcohol before an appointment. These things thin your blood and can make it harder to stop any bleeding. (Spoiler: Lea actually gave me some rosé!) This was the same reason she didn’t offer to do a consultation before the appointment. She doesn’t need to. And she’s pretty darn busy these days.

lea curry eyebrows before afterMicroblading vs Micropigmentation

Now for the kicker. I also learned during a pain break that I wasn’t actually getting microblading done. I was trying micropigmentation. Similar experience just achieved with a different machine and process. Lea chose to purchase and get trained on a machine from Europe called Nouveau Contour Intelligent. Instead of using a blade, this process includes a series of tiny dots using a needle with hypoallergenic mineral pigment to make the natural-looking brow hairs. Why? Lea believes in this method due to the reduction in scar tissue and longer-lasting effects. This also makes it easier to have your brows touched up every year, as you should for good maintenance. Lea cautioned to using any ole microblading technique as it’s not yet regulated here in the US.

Nouveau Contour Micropigmention Machine Denver Arrow BeautyWhen the outlining was over, the worst had passed. As Lea took her time making the pigmented lines within my brows I could barely feel a thing. Before I knew it, the appointment was over. Lea gave me a small jar of cream and simple instructions. Apply cream to my brows using a Q-Tip every evening for a week. She also advised on using a mild soap (like Neutrogena) to wash your brows during that first week and staying out of the sun. 

When I checked out at the front desk we scheduled my touch up appointment. Lea recommends between 4-6 weeks for the touch-up, and the longer the better. Some people feel a pulsing in their eyebrows as the numbing cream wears off after the treatment, but honestly, I didn’t feel anything.Microblading Review Denver Lea Curry Brows

Interested in booking an appointment with Lea Curry? 

Call Arrow Beauty Denver 303-386-3403 to book a micropigmentation appointment with Lea.

If you have a hard time finding info about Lea online its because she doesn’t do any advertising. Because she doesn’t have to! She prefers word of mouth referrals. 

How much did it cost?

Lea’s pricing is in line with that of other established artists in Denver, $500-$600 for the entire treatment including the initial appointment and touch-up appointment.

I will report back on how my brows are doing in 1 week! If you have any questions I’m happy to answer anything! Talk soon. 


Now for the moment of truth! 

Here are what my brows look like 1 week after the micropigmentation treatment with Lea. You can see that my eyebrows look noticeably lighter. That’s because the pigment is scabbing off in perfect little lines. Micropigmentation Brows Denver After Photo

I didn’t talk to Lea about this, but I’m 99% sure this flaking situation is totally normal! Underneath the scabs are your permanent brow lines. However, you’ll see that not all lines stayed in place evenly. That’s why this process includes a final touch-up 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment. This is to ensure that your brows end up the shade and shape that you want them to be.

Micropigmentation Close Up

I’m going to do a final update after my touch-up appointment with Lea in 4 weeks. Stay tuned! 


Lea recommends waiting closer to 6 weeks to come in for your touch-up. I was in a bit of a rush to get these done so I opted to do the touch-up after 4 weeks. The goal of the touch-up is to fill in any spotty areas where pigment did not stick the first time. So the appointment is pretty quick! After marinating in numbing creme for 30 minutes, Lea added some lines in my brows and let me approve the final look. You’ll see in the photo that the new lines look a little red.Brow Bar 4 Week Eyebrow Touch Up


Now here is a photo of my brows completely healed after the 4-week touch-up appointment. You’ll see they are a bit lighter now that the pigment has fully settled into my skin. I absolutely L-O-V-E how they came out! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and inquiries about my new arches. If they can just stay this way forever, I’ll be a happy woman.MG 6752 copy

MG 6843 WordpressFollowing the touch-up appointment, Lea recommends coming back in 12 months for a touch-up. Your brows should stay in good shape if you come back once a year for a refresh.

So YES, I would recommend Lea Curry to anyone looking to try micropigmentation for the first time! She makes you feel comfortable during the process and confident that you are in good hands. Tell her that I sent you!

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