Your Foldable Luggage Friend

Your Foldable Luggage Friend

Meet Biaggi.

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Your small apartment solution luggage! It. All. Folds.

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I got this bright orange Biaggi Contempo Soft Fashion tote bag at GIVE by Melrose PR gifting event.

Melrose PR founder and PurseCase creator Kelly Weaver even demonstrated her love for the Biaggi line at the event for me! (See above video)

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Naturally, the first thing I did was take the versatile carry-on tote bag to Manhattan Beach, CA. My regular hangout. Yes even in February.

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I can confirm: this is one sturdy bag.

biaggi travel blog

Tons of pocket options. (YES!)

Suitcase and bag prices range from $70-$230.

Biaggi suitcases are perfect for small apartment city dwellers such as myself. CUZ who has room to store big luggage and bags?!

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