Finally, Barbie

Finally, Barbie

Why do I feel like this already happened?

The almost 60-year-old Mattel doll Barbie has gotten three body makeovers: petite, tall, and curvy.

(Answer to above question: cecause it SHOULD have already happened.)


As of January 28, 2016 you can now buy three various Barbie body types in addition to the abnormally small waisted gal we’ve known for a long time.

Barbie has already gotten various skin tones and hair textures added.

As an advocate for individuality I think this change for Mattel was necessary and the risk WILL pay off.

Like I often say… Weird is King.

Meaning the normal don’t thrive like they used to. People want relatable. But beyond that, highly unrealistic expectations for children are unacceptable.

This is a step in the right direction.

If you were/ are a parent would you buy the CURVY Barbie for your son/ daughter?!

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