I had to try these for myself.

Yes! These are eyebrow extensions ladies, NOT eyelash extensions. They are single glue-on fibers that give you instant fuller eyebrows lasting either 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks, depending on how you apply them.

lavish brows kit gift grammys

Cara Delevingne, watch yourself.

lavish brows extensions kit

I received a LavishBrows Eyebrow Extensions GRAMMYS Gift Box with all the tools needed to apply extensions MYSELF or full treatment service perfect for a makeup artist or esthetician to apply on you.

lavish lashes blog

The DIY Extension kit comes with different shades for every brow color, BrowBond Pro Adhesive, glue holder ring, application tweezers and grooming brush.

beauty blogger It’s recommended to DIY the lashes if you are doing a FEW touch-ups yourself. If you want FULL brow extensions it’s best to let someone else do it.

And with my experience I can attest to that recommendation.

lavish brows review blog

1- Start by choosing the right brow color/thickness/length for you by holding the palette up to your brow.

2- Place the glue holder ring on your finger and place a drop of glue inside.

3- Use the tweezers to grab one hair at a time, dip in the glue and then attach to your CLEAN skin or another brow hair.

eyebrow extensions diyI had difficulty placing the hairs on my brows in a natural way and getting some hairs to stick at all.

I was only able to successfully place a couple hairs on the inner part of my brows closest to my nose and a couple pieces on the top arch.

eyebrow extensions diy review

Be careful not to get extra glue on your hands or eyebrows or you may rip some of your precious hairs out!

eyebrow extensions misty blogger entertainment

I’m definitely gonna need to book myself a salon appointment to get a full set put on! (As you can see I desperately need some more brows in my life)

Messing around with my cherished eyebrows isn’t something I wanna risk.


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