Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee

Cold Brew VS Iced Coffee

Nope, not the same thing.cold brew coffee photo

Cold brew is such a trendy trend trend right now so I decided to investigate the phenomenon.

Iced coffee is essentially hot brewed coffee that has been refrigerated, with ice added.

Cold brew is far more fancy: 

  • Ground coffee beans are soaked in room temp water overnight.
  • The beans must be filtered out of the water.
  • The result is superrrrr concentrated coffee.
  • Which you should chill for a couple hours in the refrigerator.
  • Then served with ice and or milk.

See, much more intricate.

coffee break

Benefits? Less acidity. More sweetness.

I tried the cold brew at TWIST on La Brea in Los Angeles.

I must say- it definitely has a different taste than iced coffee.

twist eatery los angeles

Way more bite for your buck.

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