Coconut oil on the go! All your healthy friends are sooo jealous

Coconut oil on the go! All your healthy friends are sooo jealous

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These, my friends, are COCOVEDiC’s multi-purpose coconut oil portion packets.

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Unrefined virgin coconut oil to be exact.

-Gluten free


-Certified organic



If you’ve ever read my blog or are into anything of the healthy variety then you KNOW the many uses and benefits of coconut oil.

These COCOVEDiC 15ML packets are perfect to TAKE just about anywhere. And USE just about anywhere.  And I’m here to prove that. 

coconut oil packet coffee

I started the day with some coconut oil in my coffee as a creamer replacement. YUM. So good.

coconut oil coffee

It can also be part of what fancy folks call “Bulletproof Coffee”. If you don’t know then- HERE.

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Then I took another handy packet into the SHOWER with me. To wash my face.

Coconut oil has multiple purposes for skincare: it cleanses the skin, works as a moisturizer, and is an awesome makeup remover.


Finally I got to cooking my breakfast! And as I usually do I made my “famous” chocolate protein pancakes. And holy YUM using coconut oil to grease the pan makes them taste even sweeter.

coconut oil for cooking

These single serve packets are also going to live in my purse, my suitcase, my car, and anywhere else I feel like 🙂 And I was pleasantly surprised to see they’re only $19.95 for 14 of the packets.

How do YOU use coconut oil? Leave a comment down below!

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  1. Coconut has been called the tree of life , due to its many uses.Thankful that you emphasize where it can be use. It is a fabulous skin care product, it leaves the skin moisturize without an awkward feeling. Since it’s all natural, you don’t have to worry about side effects because all of it was good.

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