Cait Jenner on South Park (B.Y.)

Cait Jenner on South Park (B.Y.)

Welp, I guess this was bound to happen. 

Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump get some extra scandalous animated treatment via South Park. All in one episode together.

Here’s my recap of what down (and my recap of Empire’s premiere!) on today’s Be Yourselfie show.

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  1. Phil:If there is a little, aged, bald-headed man running things from behind a screen, do you believe he is an American?Do you believe in puppets operating without human agency?Do you believe if it were possible to *poof* wipe America off the wipe/on/off board of world events that peace would happen?Mr. Paul Craig Roberts would say yes to every one of my questions.Isn’t that view rather naive?

  2. I am a huge fan of Hester. His album Here I am is artistic and tuchoes your heart. My vote and many more go for Make You Cry. I am happy to see his album get airtime here in Corpus Christi.Many thanks.Faye

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