Bravo #TourGroup Episode 1: Misty’s Blog

Bravo #TourGroup Episode 1: Misty’s Blog

And. We’re off!

Our first stop on Bravo’s brand new travel TV docuseries show Tour Group is Morocco. Marrakesh to be exact.


The day we departed I flew from LAX to to JFK to meet my twin sister Jenna in NYC, where we flew together into Marrakech. We bonded instantly with fellow traveler Michelle whom also traveled from Los Angeles.


Fun fact: I already knew Michelle was part of the trip because I noticed her at a doctor’s office when receiving my required pre-trip vaccinations in LA. I’m an irrevocable detective so I easily put pieces together due to some premature Facebook friending of a cast producer.


I remember this image of Jared walking out of the airport in Marrakech so vividly. Jenna and I were right behind him in the customs line. Even though we hadn’t been formally introduced yet- I knew this confident fella HAD to be traveling with us. Let’s just say he didn’t blend in well.

Another FF: Jenna and I were convinced Jared wasn’t into gals when we first met him. How wrong we both were 🙂


At the first dinner in the Sahara Palace Jenna and I both talked about food a lot. We. Were. Starving.

The next day our very first activity as part of Tour Group was to get completely naked for a traditional Moroccan body scrub in the “Hammam”. The LAST thing I wanted was to get naked. Especially in our first activity. But since it was the first activity I didn’t object. I felt starting the trip with a “no” wasn’t a swell idea.

Ok, let’s talk about the Medina experience.


In the marketplace even I was surprised that Misty had the first emotional breakdown of the trip. It’s SO not my character, just ask my sis 🙂


But it created a perfect opportunity for Jenna and I to open up the communication lines. She was so supportive and attentive when I was bawling in the Medina. It showed her I too was just as emotional as she was.

I was upset due to being left behind and not included in any activities in the marketplace. I was looking to have some African cultural experience like the other traveler’s were. That combined with jetlag, no sleep, prior nakedness, etc.

I was a wreck.


Eating a snail with Jenna is one of my favorite moments of us, hmmm, EVER. #KingmaTwins


It seems so minimal but Jenna trying the snail for my benefit was genuinely a hug tug on my twin heartstrings. Maybe there really are some things I still need to learn about her…


And about that gift. I had no idea Jared bought those two lanterns for me in the Medina. I do remember him pointing them out to me in the hustle and bustle of the marketplace and we commented on how neat they were.


I still have them. In fact, they are right behind me on a shelf in my bedroom as I write this.

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Tour Group airs on Bravo at 10/9c Tuesdays (I’ll be back next Tuesday with another BTS blog right here)

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