Best Moments in Beyonce’s “Formation” Music Video (Clevver News)

Best Moments in Beyonce’s “Formation” Music Video (Clevver News)

Beyonce pays homage to her roots with new song “Formation” and the video takes it to a whole other level.


She shuts down the Illuminati rumors front and center with her lyrics- she’s just talented. THAT’S why she runs the world.

beyonce formation video

Her adorable daughter Blue Ivy makes a cameo in the politically charged New Orleans inspired video.

blue ivy formation music video

The video includes a dance break in an empty swimming pool and a deserted parking lot, a nod to MLK, and shout outs to Mardi Gras tradition. Later a child in a hood seems to represent Trayvon Martin and other wrongful deaths, as the child gets the police to surrender to him.

beyonce formation video moments

So much symbolism here you guys. Check out the video about for a full rundown on Beyonce’s “Formation” video.

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