30 Sort of Accomplishments

30 Sort of Accomplishments


…at age 30.

I’m such a reflector I’ll blind you. 

I constantly reflect on what the decisions, opportunities, and events in my life mean.

And sometimes you gotta write sh*t down.

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And since I just turned 30, what better time? And what better way than a list?

Also a great tool to use for my eventual autobiography (lol).


  1. Interviewed the legend Cher. She was quite sassy with me BTW.CHER MISTY
  2. Hired strippers for my sorority’s annual fake wedding bachelorette party.italian wedding n6413587_34693229_7310
  3. Pushed out of an airplane, although some would say I jumped.sky diving
  4. Ugly cried on a reality TV show that hasn’t aired yet.reality tv
  5. Snuck into Wimbledon with six girls to watch Venus Williams play, during a backpacking trip.wimbledon
  6. Helped build a house out of cow poop in Africa. kenya tribe
  7. Hosted my own travel TV show in Los Angeles, CA.travel show tv host
  8. Lindsay Lohan told me to scoot over at a club and delete the pics of her on my phone. (There weren’t any.)
  9. Dated a model who wrote about me in his Glamour magazine dating advice column.01-reese-witherspoon-january-glamour-cover-w724
  10. Britney Spears talked to me in her baby voice.
  11. Fractured my skull while waterskiing. Who does that? And how?
  12. Ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Champagne bottle in hand.run with the bulls pamplona spain
  13. Wrecked my car driving on the freeway and walked away with no scratches.
  14. Wore a bitchy hat to the Kentucky Derby. Same day wore a poncho in the pouring rain at the Derby.kentucky derby girls
  15. Watched my twin sister race track for Team USA in the Dominican Republic.twins in miami
  16. Live in the ghetto in Brooklyn for a summer.
  17. Attended the MTV VMAs, MTV Movie Awards, Oscars, Emmys, BET Awards, American Music Awards, ACM Awards, Billboards Awards.misty kingma oscars
  18. Hosted an infomercial for a coffee mug that doesn’t tip over.infomercial host
  19. Made out with my then boyfriend at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  20. Appeared in a Jennifer Lopez music video.
  21. Started a fire at a candy store that I worked at.
  22. Got high by myself in Amsterdam. (Well, someone watched.)amsterdam
  23. Shook Mel Gibson’s hand at a cigar club in Beverly Hills where he called me Mitzi.
  24. Borrowed a rock from Machu Picchu in Peru.macchu pichu
  25. Killed cockroaches in Cabo Mexico during a Bachelorette party.cabo san lucas party
  26. Dated a celebrity.
  27. Flew a combat airplane doing aerial flips over the ocean.air combat usa
  28. Took my Grandma to a taping of her favorite show, Dancing with The Stars.dancing with the stars
  29. TMZ filmed me hanging out with a YouTube celebrity.tmz harley
  30. May or may not be in the Mile High Club.

Bonus: I built a brand for myself, all by myself.be yourselfie

The point of this blog post is not to boast about ridiculous Hollywood-y things I’ve done.

The point is to share that while turning 30 this year, most of these things don’t matter to me.

My priorities have drastically changed and I farrrrr from desire to do these things over again. The travel stuff? YES. But the celebrity filled stuff? NO.


Many of the items on my list I bet some of my closest friends don’t know. Because these things are not important.

What I find value in at my 30 years are honest relationships, trusting friendship, and unconditional family support and love.


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