The New Movie Date- Valentine’s Day 2015

The New Movie Date- Valentine’s Day 2015

mgn 22

MGN Five Star Cinema.

Yup, went on a first date here. And usually I’m really against the whole “movie date” thing because it’s super cliche and duh, you mgn3don’t get to talk. But I actually loved it.

I saw The Gambler (eh) but had a fabulous experience because this theater is phenomenal. We brought our own blanket (they don’t provide like some other theaters do). The oversized orange recliners are extremely comfortable and after my espresso martini I was afraid I was going to fall asleep.

And the food. No stale popcorn here! The regal menu includes delicacies such as oysters,mgn caprese, bruschetta, kobe beef sliders, lamb and more. My date and I went all seafood crazy and got the fish tacos, crab cakes and two orders of the salmon entree.

If you’re looking for a more impressive kind of movie experience, I promise you’ll like this. And don’t get all hung up on the fact that it’s in Glendale- get over it!

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