Testing the viral Amazon HiLife Humidifier for better sleep

Testing the viral Amazon HiLife Humidifier for better sleep

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If you don’t yet have a humidifier in your primary bedroom, it’s time to level up. Especially if you live in *ahem* Colorado like I do. It’s insanely dry here. I often wake up in the middle of the night because my eyes or throat are so dry. Yes, I already drinks tons of water. I have finally decided to try adding a humidifier to our room and it’s a game changer. For many reasons. So let’s talk about why we tested the viral HiLife Amazon humidifier for better sleep.

We’ve been using a humidifier for our son since he was born. It’s one of the best natural ways to keep a young baby healthy. So why don’t more adults use them? I have chronic dryness due to living in the ultra dry climate of Denver and my husband snores. A lot. These annoyances disrupt most nights and has contributed to countless sleepless nights for both of us. So it was time to try a humidifier.

Meet the HiLife Humidifier

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HiLife’s Humidifier is a best selling Amazon humidifier with hundreds of rave reviews. Why? It’s affordable (on sale right now!) and has all the bells and whistles. A perfect starter humidifier. It is VERY easy to setup and get started and this is a huge bonus. Note for first time humidifier users: use distilled or filtered water for best results and less frequent machine cleaning. (Yes, the machie must be regularly cleaned.)

Speaking of water, this humidifier has an extra large 3 liter tank which I appreciate for less frequent fill ups. It also is a very simplistic modern design which I love for our aesthetic neutral master bedroom.

The HiLife Humidifier has a digital display which has lots of features including adjustment of humidifier mist intensity, auto shut off, night mode and more.

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Our verdict

I’m not sure why we didn’t try a humidifier sooner! I have noticed less middle of the night wake ups due to dryness and my husband’s snoring has lessened. I hope it continues to do so. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but it’s a step in the right direction!

If you wanna try it, check out the HiLife Humidifier here.

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