A wireless speaker so clear, you can hear the future – RIVA Speaker Review

A wireless speaker so clear, you can hear the future – RIVA Speaker Review

The RIVAlution is here, and it’s about time you hear about it.

Riva Audio that is, and I’m talking about their premium wireless speakers. I went to CES for the first time this month and came home with a some goodies. My most impressive being a pair of Riva speakers, the Turbo X and Riva S.

Don’t worry, just because I met the people at Riva doesn’t mean I’m going to give you some bullsh*t review here. Radical honesty is what I preach folks.

Riva audio portable speakers review

First of all, I’m an aesthetic person and I LIVE for these gold and silver metallic speaker color options. And paired with the white paneling, these speakers look very futuristic.

Turbo X

I was advised to let the Turbo X speaker (silver above) play at medium volume for 3 hours to “break it in”. No I didn’t know you’re supposed to break in speakers either!

Riva Audio at CES 2017

But I gotta say, it was worth it. The sound from the Turbo X was surreal. I played John Mayer’s new EP and the clarity was that of a live show. Or being in the recording studio with John Mayer. This is coming from a former music news reporter and music lover.

What I can attribute this exceptional sound to is Riva’s one-of-a-kind patented TRILLIUM sound.

Sound play options:

1- Regular.

2- Trillium Surround Sound- A push of the “s” button initiates this. (It’s the Riva difference essentially- it mixes up the left and right stereo signal and outputs three channels of amplification.)

3- Turbo- A press of the “T” button starts up the Turbo, which is a maximum audio output.

Honestly, I’ll probably always use the 2nd Trillium option unless I’m running out of battery power.

Ces 2017 Riva Audio speakers review

Ok, let’s talk function.

BLUETOOTH: The Turbo X speaker is Bluetooth, and it talks to you. When I push the “ON” button a lovely British voice announces the obvious result “power on”. Additionally, I’m fascinated by the blue lights on the buttons because they LIGHT UP when you get near. It’s alive.

PHONE CALLS: Since it’s Bluetooth you do have the option to take speakerphone calls with the device.

Be Yourselfie Blog Riva Speakers Tech Review

PORTS: The back of the Turbo X speaker has a USB port for iPhone, an auxiliary input, and a USB data port. Although I’m not really sure what that last one does TBH.

BATTERY: Turbo X touts 26 hours of play in regular mode. Woah. Haven’t tested this yet, but it sounds impressive.

WEIGHT: I would say the biggest negative is the weight, as it’s not the lightest speaker I’ve ever touched.

Riva S model speaker review blog 2017

Now the Riva S

SIMILAR: Riva S features the same ports as Turbo X, the same 3 hour warm up recommendation, and Trillium Surround Sound.

DIFFERENT: Riva S not include the Turbo sound option, but does include a protective carrying case, power supply adapters for any country, and a promise of just 13 hours of battery life.


At CES I had the honor of meeting Riva’s Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Rikki Farr. He happens to be a legendary music promoter and producer! And, a very genuine guy.

Rikki’s worked with the likes of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and more.

Check out my interview with Rikki Far, below.

If you appreciate sound the way it’s meant to be heard, it’s clear you’re going to be pleased with any Riva speaker.

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